noun  |  kap·​lak  |  /’kɑːplɑːk/

An old maritime expression which refers to the portion of the freight that the captain receives in return for taking good care of the cargo.

What We Do

We are stewards of our founders’ journeys.

There is no greater challenge, or greater opportunity, than the transition to a circular economy.

To seize this opportunity and accelerate the transition, we have assembled a team of experienced business and technology leaders, many of whom have pioneered sustainable innovation in some of the largest companies in the world. Now, we are leveraging our leadership approach and collective expertise to scale the ambitions of climate startup and scaleup businesses across five sectors: Energy, Health, Real Estate, Food and Transportation.

We do not merely invest in our startups. We provide a comprehensive system to nurture and empower companies throughout their lifecycle.


The journey with us starts in one of our accelerator programs, where we introduce founders to our proprietary Dreams and Details leadership framework and a global mentor network.

  • ReGen for Startups 
    (Pre-seed and seed-stage founders)
  • ReGen for Scaleups
    (Seed and Series A companies)
  • Climate Tech Catalyzer
    (Startups from Denmark)

We support ReGen and Climate Tech Catalyzer companies with funding as well as providing bespoke investments into unique, network-generated climate opportunities, from pre-seed to Series A.


When our founders graduate from one of our accalerator programs, we match them with one of our ‘Kaplaks’— a senior advisor and global business leader who offers:

  • Subject matter EXPERTISE
  • Leadership EXPERIENCE
  • CONNECTIVITY to their global networks

Who We Are

Senior Partners

Jim H. Snabe

Chair, Siemens & Northvolt

Jesper Lok

Chair, Dagrofa & Semco Maritime

Sector Head: Transportation

Stig Pastwa

Former CFO, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners

Sector Head: Energy

Mikael Trolle


Managing Partners

Matthew Hooper

Rahoul Mehra


Matt Puccini

Peter Trolle Bonnesen


Shai Tamary

Program Director

Lars Korby

Program Manager

Tjorven Ludes

Marketing Manager


Let’s talk about possibilities!
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