Spring 2023

Featured companies from the first cohort of the Kaplak Accelerator:

Sundial Foods

Sundial Foods uses a unique macro and microstructural engineering approach to create an ethically and environmentally friendly plant-based meat alternative.

Regli Energy Systems

Regli Energy Systems develops, designs and produces sustainable, efficient heat pumps and storage systems for small and large buildings.

Sol Clarity

Sol Clarity provides transparent Electrodynamic Screen as overlays for solar panels that automatically remove dust and improve energy yield/output power of solar panels without the need to wash the panels with water.

Prezerv Technologies

Prezerv Technologies is dedicated to solving complex challenges in civil infrastructure by using the power of data and AI.


TechnoCarbon proposes high-performance, low-carbon-footprint CarbonFibreStone™, a new composite material that will replaces concrete, steel, and aluminum—and in so doing, limit greenhouse gas emissions.

BluShift Aerospace

BluShift is an eco-friendly, dedicated small satellite launch solution in a world dominated by large, polluting rockets today.

Cadence OneFive

Cadence OneFive has created a market-transforming solution to accelerate building decarbonization and adaptation in residential buildings.


WATS is a digital platform for business waste management to enable cost savings and emissions reductions through operational efficiency.