noun  |  kap·​lak  |  /’kɑːplɑːk/

An old maritime expression which refers to the portion of the freight that the captain receives in return for taking good care of the cargo.

Our Story

At Kaplak Partners, we believe that the technologies that will define the next century have already arrived, and that what’s required now is global cooperation and leadership. 

Our team has run some of the largest companies in the world, accelerating their transition from the industrial to the digital era. Now we are looking to share our expertise, network, and proven leadership framework to help early-stage entrepreneurs achieve their most ambitious dreams.

We are guided by the ‘Kaplak’ concept: Just as the captain pays special attention to the cargo, we take care of the scaleups in our portfolio.

The journey with us starts with our accelerator program, where we introduce founders to our proven Dreams and Details leadership framework and a world-class mentor network. When our founders graduate from the program, we introduce them to our network to meet relevant institutional customers for partnership or co-investment opportunities. Additionally, our ‘Kaplaks’ – veteran C-suite business leaders – have the option of joining the boards of the companies in our accelerator in order to provide leadership expertise and strategic advice post-program.

In exchange for this unique opportunity and expert guidance, we take a small percentage of equity in selected scaleups after the completion of the accelerator program.


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