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Mikael Trolle on Navigating through COVID-19 into the Future

How can we potentially support struggling businesses in these times of crisis? By sharing our perspective, ideas, and approaches to find solutions with each other. Therefore, we will host a free webinar on Thursday, April 2nd at 10.00 am (CEST). 

In the webinar, we will discuss how to approach reinvention in a time of crisis by rethinking your business, finding opportunities, and preparing for the future while the company is struggling.

Webinar has now ended, see recording and content below.

Webinar Content

We will provide you with a perspective of how to use Dreams and Details strategy mapping to navigate through the crisis and possibly to emerge stronger.

Situations like these force us to rethink the way we lead and conduct our business and to find new solutions to stay relevant and utilize our competencies. While business survival is on top of the mind of most leaders right now, they should not lose sight of preparing for the future. Now more than ever, many businesses need to reinvent themselves. Finding creative and innovative solutions does not only create future opportunities for the company but also helps you navigate through the current crisis.


  1. The Dreams and Details framework (short introduction): 

Our insights on reinvention and leadership

2. How to lead in a crisis: 

Using a Dreams and Details framework while your business is struggling

3. Open discussion: 

Live discussion between the webinar participants and us as the hosts. That allows us to respond to questions and everyone to benefit from each other’s ideas and experiences


  • Is it time to reinvent your company?
  • How do you approach a reinvention in times of crisis?
  • How can you utilize Dreams and Details strategy mapping in this situation?
  • How do you find opportunities within a crisis?
  • How can you focus on the future when your business is currently struggling?