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From Dreams and Details to IDONEA: A New Season of Helping Businesses and Leaders Excel

The Dreams and Details Academy is changing its organizational structure and will take on a new overarching company name: IDONEA. Under the new organizational umbrella of IDONEA, the advisory services will be expanded to include boards to holistically help organizations develop the environment, momentum, and leadership needed to transition into the future.

Coinciding with this transformation, Jesper Lok (former CEO i.a. of Svitzer; Chairman i.a. of Dagrofa; Member of the “Netværk for RESILIENT Selskabsledelse”) is joining the company as Partner and Vice-Chairman, adding exceptional expertise in board work, dynamics, and development.

The Background: The Journey of Dreams and Details and Reinventing Leadership

When Jim Hagemann Snabe and Mikael Trolle first sat down together to collaborate on a book, the idea was not per se to create a new leadership model. It was when they discussed and reflected on their respective experiences (Jim’s from top management in the world of business and Mikael’s from the world of elite sports) that they recognized the common patterns of leadership that led to remarkable development, performance, and ultimately success. The Dreams and Details leadership model became the logical distillation of this process.

By publishing the book “Dreams and Details” and its inherent leadership model, they shared their insights to help leaders and businesses to sustainable success. In 2018, Jim and Mikael founded the Dreams and Details Academy to spread the knowledge and understanding of the leadership model globally and help both leaders and businesses work with it.

The Emerging Challenge: Creating a Shared Understanding between Boards and Executives

However, strategy development and the definition of a new, inspiring, and ambitious direction can only succeed insofar as there is support of the board. The board’s awareness of the importance of transformation is a prerequisite to not only survive but thrive in the long term. Yet, this demands an understanding within the board regarding its own (changing) role in building organizational resilience and driving reinvention.

This is the task that the “Netværk for RESILIENT selskabsledelse” (Network for RESILIENT Corporate Governance), amongst others with Jesper Lok as a convener, seek to tackle. With their “Recommendations for RESILIENT Corporate Governance” (orig. “Anbefalinger for RESILIENT selksbasledelse”), they provide inspiration for boards of directors concerning how to develop the necessary environment and how to launch crucial discussions for building institutionalizing resilience.

When Jesper Lok met with Mikael Trolle and Jim Hagemann Snabe to discuss these recommendations in relation to the Dreams and Details model they recognized wide alignment in the approach and mindset. Since the ‘Resilience Recommendations’ and the Dreams and Details approach mutually support each other for transitioning businesses into the future, the Dreams and Details Academy and Jesper Lok decided to join forces for a new organizational form: IDONEA.

A New Season for the Organization and Dreams and Details

In this new organizational form, “IDONEA” becomes the overarching umbrella brand, which comprises the board services, executives’ services, as well as the Dreams and Details Academy, Idonea’s educational institute. This form allows for approaching corporate leadership more holistically by advising and aligning boards and executives around institutionalizing resilience and driving reinvention (preferably from a position of strength).

As an essential part of Idonea, the Academy is now focused on all services around leadership, namely education, networks, and disseminating knowledge regarding the Dreams and Details model and leadership generally.

“This marks the transition towards a new season for our organization,” says Mikael Trolle, CEO of Idonea. “Welcoming such an accomplished leader as Jesper into the company opens a variety of new opportunities for us to help businesses on every level with building resilience and driving transformation. This does, however, not mean that the Dreams and Details leadership model and the Academy lose in relevance. Quite to the contrary: IDONEA, as our new organizational form, on the one hand, enables us to advise and educate leaders more targeted through the Academy as Idonea’s educational institute. On the other hand, it allows us to align and anchor the approach within boards as well.

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