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New Partnership Provides World-Class Strategy Execution and Agile / Lean Transformation for IDONEA Clients

Former SAP CPO, COO, and CIO, Herbert Illgner, becomes Partner for Strategy Execution

In an effort to help clients with strategy implementation and execution as well as Lean / Agile transformation, IDONEA has announced Herbert Illgner, former SAP CPO, COO, and CIO, as an Associate Partner.

“We are certainly looking forward to this partnership,” states Mikael Trolle, CEO of the Dreams and Details Academy. “With Herbert Illgner on board, we are proud to deliver world-class expertise for strategy implementation and execution to our clients. This is a crucial extension of the service package we can provide and marks a significant step towards our ambition of helping leaders and organizations excel in a world of change and unpredictability.”

With his expertise in process optimization, specifically in Lean and agile implementation, Herbert Illgner helps to transform organizations to maximize operational efficiency. This provides clients with an extension of IDONEA’s services, which now comprise every step from guiding strategy mapping and verification to its execution.

About Herbert Illgner

Herbert Illgner is an experienced global business leader and process optimization expert with a track record you rarely come across. He held positions as CIO, COO, and CPO in 26 years at the German software giant SAP. In that time, he led SAP’s transformation and implementation of Lean and agile to secure the organization’s position as a world-leading software and programming company. As CPO, Herbert Illgner supervised the execution of Jim Hagemann Snabe’s strategy to reinvent SAP from a position of strength. Thereby, he has close ties to the Dreams and Details methodology and second-to-none experience in its implementation.


IDONEA is committed to helping organizations maximize their performance while building for the future by reinventing from a position of strength.  

This partnership marks another significant step for offering an all-encompassing service package to assist leaders in building the organizations of the future. Besides helping to identify current and future potential of organizations and defining a strategy for success, IDONEA, alongside Herbert Illgner, can now also guide the in-depth execution of the business transformation.


If you would like to know more about this partnership or have any inquiries regarding our services, feel free to contact us.  We do also offer a platform indicator session previous to strategy execution services to determine the highest potential for process optimization within your organization.