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Co-Curricular Program at the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale Draws on Dreams and Details Leadership Model

Educating Future Leaders, Innovators, and Intrapreneurs

The co-curricular intensive program “Innovation from the Inside” by the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (Tsai CITY) orients on the Dreams and Details leadership model for teaching students how to become inside drivers of innovation within organizations.

The intensive aims at tackling one of the most fundamental issues for large organizations: Remaining innovative over time. To explore this problem, the program employs the Dreams and Details leadership framework, as designed by Jim Hagemann Snabe, chairman at Mærsk and Siemens, and Mikael Trolle, CEO of IDONEA.

“The ability to reinvent organizations and unleash the potential of individuals and teams is, and will be, one of the most crucial competencies of leaders,” states Mikael Trolle. “And this intensive equips students with exactly that. We believe that it offers great value to the participants by providing an understanding of what it takes to drive innovation – rooted in the Dreams and Details approach.”

The intensive program is offered to students from Yale, Yale-NUS College in Singapore, Lignan University College in China, and other select international academic institutions affiliated with the Global Network for Advanced Management. Participants enjoy the opportunity of drawing from the experiences and approaches of a diverse line-up of private- and public-sector innovators. 

“The Tsai CITY intensive ‘Innovation from the Inside’ is a unique program that provides students with insight into the skills and frameworks that guide the process of innovation within established enterprises and organizations,” says Tsai CITY executive director Clare Leinweber. “We have been glad to be able to add this new program to our fall semester activities.”

Tsai CITY: Inspiring Students to Seek Innovative Ways to Solve Real-World Problems

Launched in 2017, Tsai CITY provides programs, funding, and mentoring to students across Yale with the mission to “inspire students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to seek innovative ways to solve real-world problems.”

Across its offerings, Tsai CITY aims to foster four core outcomes for Yale and its students: interdisciplinary collaboration, inclusivity across all dimensions of diversity, skills and practices of effective action, and resilience.

The Dreams and Details Leadership Model for Reinvention

The Dreams and Details leadership model was conceptualized by Jim Hagemann Snabe and Mikael Trolle to guide leaders through disruptive, fast-changing business environments. It emphasizes the need for organizations to reinvent themselves continuously in order to spearhead innovation and stay competitive in changing markets.

The model focuses on unleashing the full potential of individual employees and organizations as a whole. It argues for replacing strict business plans with ambitious organizational dreams that inspire and guide employees to drive continuous reinvention.

Feel free to contact us for any questions about this collaboration between Tsai CITY and the Academy or the Dreams and Details leadership model.